Each dragon character will have 5 levels of evolution. The higher level they get, the stronger they are in a battle.
  • Knucker
  • Skill: Water
    A dragon with power from the sea, he has high health, love sunshine and beach.
    Water pulse: attack a single enemy with water skill
    Damage: 150 + agic attack: x3
    Cooldown: 20s
  • Askook
  • Skill: Earth
    Born from Earth, he is a tank dragon, with endurance in combat, medium attack output. He love to fly over the forest, talk to others animals
    Knock off: attack single enemy with earth skill
    Damage: 190 + agic attack: x2.5
    Cooldown: 20S
  • Draco
  • Skill: Fire
    With the power of fire,Draco can deal a huge amount of damage in trade of defense. He is the most violent one in five dragons
    Phoenix fire: attack single enemy with fire skill
    Damage: 200 +magic attack: x3
    Cooldown: 20s
  • Ryuu
  • Skill: Light
    A dragon with power of light. He was sent by the Arch Angel to help Earth Dragon defend their realm. She has healing ability to cure this world from the darkness
    Healing Wind: Recover 30% of dragon health point
    Cooldown 20s
  • Dracul
  • Skill: Dark
    He was once a corrupted Dragon. But he waked up and realise his action was completely wrong and terrible. He becomes friend of earth Dragons to fight against Draka (the Dark Lord)
    Dark lighting: attack all enemy with dark skill
    Damage: 100 +magic attack: x2
    Cooldown: 20s
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