Game Story
Welcome to Dragon Verse World, a universe where hundreds of legendary Dragons live on different islands and many adventures are happening everyday. The Dark Lord Dragon, who used to be the largest threat to Dragon Verse World, has just been released from the millennial seal. He is summoning the powerful strength from darkness with the aim of transforming other good-natured animals into ferocious ones to rebuild his mighty army.
The Dragon ancestors - Charles angels, have soon realized this danger and decided to send Ryuu - The Dragon of Light with good blessings to support other dragons fighting against the Dark Lord. In the adventure to restore peace to the Dragon Verse World, Ryuu has encountered and accompanied other 4 dragon warriors: Knucker, Askook, Draco and Dracul. Are you ready to join in this adventure?Let's accompany Ryuu as well as other dragons to discover their unique skills and powers to fight the Dragon Boss.
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