Adventure ( PVE modes )
PvE mode is a story mode, where your dragons with unique skillsets will fight with Dragon Boss - The Dark Lord.
After selecting game stage, your dragon will enter the battle, where there are 2 buttons: Attack and Potion. Click the Attack button repeatedly to let your dragon attack the opponent. After a cooldown, you can use the dragon's skills to create maximum damage. When the dragon has low Health points, you can click the Potion button to heal it.
You will win when all monsters are destroyed and receive token rewards after passing the stage.


In this PVE Mode, where we need to pass overall 10 maps, the mechanism is based on number of accounts players have, not the number of dragons. What does this mean? For example:
If you have 1 dragon in your account, you can fight maps with that one dragon
If you have 2 dragons in your account (level 1 and level 4), you can use level 1 dragon to clear the first 2 maps and use level 4 dragon to continue fighting from the third map forward.
The reward system will only count 1 time per map passed for 1 account, not for 1 dragon.
1 dragon can earn 1 time in 24 hours. After finishing all the maps, your dragon will need to wait till the new day, following the setting time on 0:00 AM UTC.
During that 24 hours, 1 dragon that already earned in account A and try to transfer to account B won't be able to play.
The higher level of the maps, the higher level of dragons & skills will be needed.
If you already passed any map, for example the first 3 maps, you can use another dragon to play that first 3 maps again BUT THERE WILL BE NO REWARDS for doing that. Thus we advice you to focus on clearing the next map forward.
This mechanism is also applied for each level in 1 map.
You can send your dragons to different wallets, thus each of your dragons can earn from clearing PvE maps.


📍Can I create many accounts to play?
Yes, you can!
📍Can I buy Inventories like Potion/Item to enhance my dragon's strength?
Yes, you should. But the stronger the inventory, the higher price it has.
📍What should I do to increase my chance of winning?
You can buy inventories or join Dragon Fusion. We will have 2 modes of Dragon Fusion for players, but in Test Beta game, the first Dragon Fusion mode will be only available one.


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